Prevent Injuries with Industrial Ergonomics and Risk Assessments

Some 450,000 workplace injuries occur in industrial settings each year.

Is your workforce equipped with the tools it needs to stay safe and productive?

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Ergonomic Assessments and Training for Industrial Settings

Industrial ergonomic training for manufacturing and warehousing sites addresses risk factors that contribute to costly musculoskeletal disorders, overexertion injuries, and fatigue.

DORN’s ergonomic solutions target the most common and cost-intensive injury types, including slips, trips, falls, strains, sprains, and repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.


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Transform Your Workplace Safety Results 

Industrial facilities, factories, and warehouses need the best in ergonomic services to keep workers safe, engaged, and productive.


Between ergonomic training, smart safety tech, and site risk assessments, you can elevate safety standards and cut workers’ comp costs—all while ensuring that employees feel supported on the job.


The answer? Ergonomic assessments (see our brochure). or download our Ergonomics White Paper here

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Why Choose DORN?

Thanks to a team of certified ergonomists and more than 20 years of experience in workplace injury prevention, DORN’s client organizations have seen dramatic improvements in safety standards, including 600% annual ROI and...

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DORN Industrial Ergonomics: Features

Ergonomic Training On-Demand

- Adaptable training is available to your workers and safety managers when and where you need it.

Safety Technology

- Ergo tech has never been more useful. Fatigue monitoring, exertion sensors and more help you define risk hazards in real-time and make effective changes on the fly.

Site Risk Assessments

- Identify risk hazards at every level of the workplace, from individual workstations to departments and entire facilities.

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DORN Clients 2022

"Our partnership with DORN has enhanced our health and wellness program and greatly impacted our workforce. They have been instrumental in promoting wellness and improving the lives of our workers while reducing total worker’s compensation claims and costs."

- Logan Shaver, Wellness and Benefits Administrator at Pinnacol Assurance

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